Musical Legacies

Musical Legacies: Tracing the Roots of Diverse American Composers  uses the varied fabric of composers’ voices to explore and celebrate the numerous communities who have had an impact on the overall fabric of American musical history. Featured pieces ranging over centuries of creativity, struggle, and triumph tell the stories of African American artists and other marginalized communities whose songs rang out despite America’s long history with systemic racism, sexism and prejudice, and their influences on composers of today. Ms. Enger is excited to share the musical lineage of her dear friend, the late Ned Rorem and his roots that travel this musical path, beginning with pioneers, George Whitefield Chadwick, William Grant Still, Ulysses Kay, Florence B. Price, Margaret Bonds, Ned Rorem and Daron Hagen.


Repertoire Selected from the Following:
  • Selections from “Soundpoints” Ned Rorem
    • 1. Looking Forward
    • 3. Short Bridge
    • 5. Looking Back
  • Selections from “Recalling”
    • 2. The Wind Remains (Remembering Paul Bowles)
  • Selections from “Piano Album I”
    • Song Without Words
    • Carol-Pastiche
    • Golden Notes on Nearing Fifty
    • Another Little Song Without Words
    • For A Perfect Friend
    • Marriage Measures
    • Snapshot of Jack
  • Seven Traceries – A Suite for Solo Piano William Grant Still
    • 1. Cloud Cradles
    • 2. Mystic Pool
    • 3. Muted Laughter
    • 5. Woven Silver
    • 6. Wailing Dawn
  • Adoration Florence Price
  • Sketches in Sepia
  • From “Spiritual Suite for Piano” Margaret Bonds
    • 2. The Bells
  • From “Five Nocturnes” Daron Hagen
    • V. Fifth Nocturne
  • From “Five Pieces” George Whitefield Chadwick
    • Dans le Canot (Barcarolle)
Sample Programs:

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