A Tempo with Rachel Katz, October 8, 2016
Rachel Katz interviews Carolyn Enger and composer Bruce Adolphe.


“Thank you for the wonderful performance of my music.”

Ned Rorem

“Listen: There’s an album I love called Ned Rorem’s Piano Album I. It’s an extraordinary, emotional recording, the sound of the reflective and open heart expressed in wood and wire. At the end of each of the album’s tracks, there’s 20 or 25 seconds of silence. This is amazing. It so effectively conjures a place, in fact, two or three different places: what the artist was considering (both the composer, the late Ned Rorem, and the amazing and patient pianist, the very alive Carolyn Enger); where the listener is, as their ear’s soul exists in a miraculously aware place of peace and anticipation; and the great, cold golden glow of the studio, as Enger sat, in Buddha stillness, on the bench, considering the horror and joy of time and the pregnant fullness of emptiness.“-Tim Sommer, Rock and Roll Globe

“She displays lovely control of these delicate sonorities, with careful attention to balance and registration. Her touch is gentle but penetrating, reaching down into the sound, and her rhythmic sense is spot on for this delicate music, as she is often behind the beat- a little lazy and droll, with rubato just right. This music doesn’t tell how virtuosic she is-as it rarely requires that kind of kinetic demonstration-but it does show that she has a huge heart and exquisite taste.”
Daniel Asia
Huffington Post

“This year the classical music critics of The New York Times had plenty of options when selecting their favorite recordings of 2013….“Among the 90th Birthday tributes this year to the essential American composer Ned Rorem, this recording especially stands out. The fine pianist Carolyn Enger plays Mr. Rorem’s complete Piano Album l, a collection of tender yet pungent miniatures written for friends, intimates and personal occasions from 1978-2001.”
Anthony Tommasini
Chief Music Critic of The New York Times

“She is a musician of rare quality, whose pianistic sensitivity is at once in evidence.”
Avron Coleman
Cellist-NY Philharmonic

“Lavishing tone and sensitive, nuanced, thoughtful unhurried timeless playing.” 
Robert Schulslaper
Fanfare Magazine-Review of “In Evening Air” CD

 “Some discs are just needed…expressively played set of piano miniatures…from the first note it creates an intimate evening mood…her playing is thoughtful and sensitive…expressive, yet without external pressure: the expressivity comes from the music itself; the pianist only opens the doors to let it out…She plays with fine nuance and tone-shading…World Premiere recording of the Rorem set and the presentation is faultless…Enger’s playing reminded me of Mitsuko Uchida…it applies that same level of concentrated attention to each single note and demonstrates admiration for each precious sound, unhurried, timeless…This disc has already magically transformed my evenings…Absolute pleasure.
Oleg Ledeniov
MusicWeb-International-Review of “In Evening Air” CD

“Impeccable sense of timing…Clear tone and graceful naivety…Enger can be commended for her taste in music…There is much novelty to delight in…”
American Record Guide
Review of “In Evening Air” CD

“Ms. Enger is a sensitive communicative musician…performs with great personal warmth and involvement…possesses an appealing, lyrical musical personality…Her interpretations are always sophisticated, insightful and deeply felt. Her love of music and dedication to excellence are abundantly clear.”
Marc Silverman, DMA
Piano Department Chairman, Manhattan School of Music

“Thank you for the excellent piano recital…you played a marvelous program beautifully to a very appreciative and complimentary audience. It was a pleasure to have such a talented pianist perform on our series.”
Anne Hofmann
Chief Librarian, New York Public Library

“The YM-YWHA of North jersey was extremely fortunate to have pianist Carolyn Enger perform on our series…Her program was very well received and left the audience in complete awe of her passion, skill and genuine warmth…an extraordinary musician.”
Cheryl Wylen
Cultural Arts Director, YM-YWHA

“Your interpretation brings great sensitivity to his poetic works for this instrument.”(Referring to my CD on Naxos Records American Classics, “Ned Rorem: Piano Album l”.)
James Dowell
Director of “Ned Rorem: Word and Music,” Symbiosis Films

“I enjoyed your playing very much. Your approach and interpretation are full of charm, if I may say so, and all of them are being dealt with much depth and tenderness.”
Gilad Hochman

“Wonderful concert, …enthusiastic response, …audience enjoyed and appreciated it!  The program was so varied and challenging – it accentuated your considerable talent beautifully, something for everyone….  We are so lucky to have such a talented performer right here in Teaneck – who needs to go into the city? … An enjoyable afternoon of good music.”

“The Brahms sonata was particularly beautiful, played with depth and feeling.”

“The audience was most appreciative of the pieces you selected to play, both the more traditional and the works from new composers…they appreciated your beautifully orchestrated and performed concert…nice rapport with the audience…we enjoyed having you…thank you for a beautiful afternoon of music.” 
Carol Anderson
Program Coordinator, Teaneck Public Library, Teaneck, NJ

“Thank you for the very lovely concert…Your music was the perfect cure…Your narrative between pieces was extremely well received…Thank you for sharing your talent and music.”
Jon Warms
Councilman, Borough of Tenafly

“Ms. Enger has been an overwhelming success…her expertise, vitality and connection with the audience has made her a popular performer in Fort Lee.”
Bill Camal
Program Coordinator, Fort Lee Library

“Tender and wistful.”
Jonathan Sternberg
Film, Theater and Dance Composer

“High Quality, loved your selection, playing was beautiful, still talking about you the following day.” 
 Sherry Marks
Activities Coordinator, Brown Gardens, New York, NY

Audience Praise

“Played from the heart, full of feeling, we felt connected to you…“It was a pleasure. Excellent selections…“You are fantastic….“I have never heard such beautiful Brahms…”Your playing brought tears to my eyes, it moved me so much…“Gorgeous patina, Incredible playing, Musically on the highest level…“Wonderful program, Wonderful you! Thank You…“Fabulous…”Your piano renditions held us all in thrall, truly inspiring…“Excellent Performance!…“You have golden fingers…“Beautiful! Your playing of the piano is an inspiration…“It was the best concert I ever heard.”

This video contains one beautiful painting and needs nothing more, since Carolyn Enger’s playing of Copland’s piece is the ultimate completion for it. She takes you through the peaceful but very mysterious landscape of the painting and the musical notes in a delightful and deep way, so that you actually feel surrounded by the “Evening Air”.

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